Our Story

Founded by two brothers who worked at dominos

Back in the 1990's two brothers started to work at a local dominos, without knowing they would climb all their way to the top and realize that they wanted to open an pizza shop with only high quality ingredients in Queens. So with leaving dominos and a little money to spare, the two brothers decided to open what is called today Farmers Pizza in St. Albans. As the locals says "Best Pizza in the Town" As our popularity grew, the never-ending lines prompted our expansion into a local space in Saint Albans and a second restaurant later called "Springfield & La Bari Pizzeria" opened in the Jamaica neighborhood.

The Next Step Up

With Farmers Pizza and Springfield & La Bari Pizzeria being very popular, we needed a new online ordering system. So I introduce the new online ordering for Farmers Pizza. It's similar to what we had many years ago, but with a modern touch to it.